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Wildcliff Nature Reserve

Dedicated to plant and wildlife conservation in South Africa's Cape Floral Kingdom

Wildcliff Map Galleries

Prior to doing detailed map surveys of Wildcliff, a preliminary search for spatial data already available returned a number of useful layers at different scales for the region. The layers were assembled into a series of high level thematic maps for the Reserve. The maps were then incorporated into the online map galleries listed below.

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Wildcliff Nature Reserve

Wildcliff Atlas

These maps illustrate the location of Wildcliff relative to Africa, the country of South Africa and the regional topography of the Langeberg mountain range in Western Cape Province.

Wildcliff Nature Reserve

Wildcliff Environment

The maps in this series provide a regional view of the environment in which Wildcliff is located. They include areal representations of vegetation and soil types as well as more specific quantitative measures related to these components.

Wildcliff Nature Reserve

Wildcliff Climate

The existing climate data for the Wildcliff region is not very detailed in areal extent, but most of the defining parameters have been measured. This gallery highlights the distribution of temperature and precipitation summerized over different time periods.

Where not otherwise specified, the data used in the maps came from three major sources:

  • Digital Chart of the World (DCW). This dataset consists of general background layers (roads, towns, streams) that represent feature locations accurate to a approximately 2 kilometers. The DCW was developed by ESRI for the US government in 1992.
  • South African Agriculture GIS (AGIS). The South Africa National Department of Agriculture provides a number of valuable spatial datasets through this distribution network. At a scale of 1:500,000, this is the best resolution spatial data that is readily available about the environment.
  • Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping. This agency is part of the South Africa Department of Land Affairs the highest resolution data that is available at the national level. The 1:50,000 scale layers represent the location of natural and man-made features, including 20 meter contours.

Detailed Maps and the Dynamic Map Gallery were produced by Horizon Mapping.

We welcome comments, or enquiries from potential volunteers or researchers. Contact us for information or browse the research opportunities page.

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