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Farmers' Voice: Bangladesh Map Galleries
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Chalan Beel Wetland

Cyclone Sidr - November, 2007
cyclone map Cyclone Sidr roared in from the Bay of Bengal Thursday, November 16th, 2007, and struck Bangladesh with 240 kph (150 mph) winds and a 10-20 foot storm surge. The catastrophe is responsible for overwelming human loss as well as untold destruction of unique natual environments.

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Country Atlas
atlas map Bangladesh is a country in Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Myanmar and India. 150 million people live within its 144,000 sq km of mostly low lying coastal lands. The climate is tropical, making the vegetation luxuriant and the country takes pride in hosting the Sundarbans, the largest littoral mangrove forest.

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atlas map The environment of Bangladesh supports a wealth of biodiversity, including 113 species of mammals, 628 species of birds and 126 species of reptiles. Many of these species are of international significance, such as the Asian Elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger, Gharial, Gangetic Dolphin and Hoolock Gibbon.

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atlas map Wetlands play key roles in the environment, providing habitat for wildlife and native plant species, supporting biodiversity, alleviating flood conditions, and eliminating pollutants from the water supply. They are also very sensitive to environmental conditions, including sedimentation, storm surge and climate change. The low-lying coastal lands of Bangladesh provide optimal wetland potential, but are vulnerable to detrimental environmental impacts.

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